Services we provide

The Building Professionals Board has an important regulatory role in NSW’s building and construction industry. Our accreditation and investigative services help promote and maintain standards of building certification and design by ensuring certifiers meet legislative requirements.

Accrediting certifiers

The Board’s accreditation scheme accredits more than 1,900 certifiers in NSW. Certifiers must renew their accreditation each year, and meet strict legal obligations.

Investigating certifiers

Anyone can lodge a complaint  about the professional conduct of a certifier or an accredited body corporate. The Board may decide to investigate a complaint, or commence an investigation on its own initiative if, for instance, information is received that raises serious concerns about a certifier.

The Board can take disciplinary action under the Building Professionals Act 2005 if a certifier is found to have engaged in unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct.

The Building Professionals Board does not investigate builders

The Board doesn’t have the legislative power to order building work to stop, or to regulate builders or tradespeople. Read about roles in enforcement  to understand who can help in this situation.

Other services we provide

Auditing certifiers

The Board audits the work of certifiers to ensure they are practising to the required legislation and standards.

Facilitating training

The Board facilitates and promotes education, training and other professional development activities for certifiers.

Providing information

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