Superseded legislation

This page includes:

  • draft regulations and consultation papers exhibited by the Building Professionals Board
  • accreditation schemes that were in place before the Board was established
  • discussion papers and other documents prepared by the Board to develop submissions for the NSW planning review.

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Closed exhibitions

Improving Certifier Independence options paper

Building and Development Certifiers Bill 2018

Building Professionals Act independent statutory review

Swimming pool certification: E1 category of accreditation

Building certification and regulation - serving a new planning system for NSW

Accreditation of council building surveyors

Building Professionals Regulation

Previous accreditation schemes

Before the Building Professionals Board was established, previous accreditation schemes were administered by professional organisations and the (former) Department of Planning.

Building Surveyors and Allied Professions Accreditation Board (Department of Planning)

Engineers Australia

Planning Institute of Australia (formerly the Royal Australian Planning Institute)

Professional Surveyors' Occupational Association (PSOA)

Better Buildings Model

During 2012, the Board conducted extensive stakeholder consultation to help develop the Better Buildings Model, which proposes future directions for the certification system in NSW. The Model presents a process that is based on existing requirements and recognises good practices.

Information sheets

Issues papers

Background papers